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Assembly Schedule

IsaeliteWay Heritage Center Presents
("World's Best Kept Secret. We Awoke. Waking Up the Nations")
Next Gathering, Saturday, November 25, 2017. [3:15pm EST!]

Come enjoy and learn!

Educational, Interactive & Entertaining

You cant' afford to miss this High Impact Event. Hey, drop by!
You will never regret it!! I promise.

Where: Crawford Academy
531 Finch Ave W
Toronto, Ontario

(289) 625-7470

Please confirm your attendance. Limited space available!

Let Our Presenter & Speaker Host Your Next School, Church Or Community Event

Learn Your True History and Identity

Why you have been brainwashed to hate yourself and anyone that look like you. Black countries in Africa with lower crime rates than the United states, Europe and Japan that you will never hear about. But I thought Black people were criminals?

We back all of our information with the Bible, History books, archeology, pictures, videos and documentaries! We also take time to hold a question and answer session. Be sure to bring your bibles, pen and paper because our lectures are very informative and we guarantee you will hear and see things you will not believe. Also we challenge you to verify all our information! We will "NEVER" tell you anything and expect you to believe it, instead we say just the opposite. Don't believe anything we say until after you have verified all our information on your own. Then get ready for an eye opening experience!

We have outstanding dynamic speakers and workshop leaders, we look forward to inspiring your audience.

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